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  1. Welcome to www.laurahill.com.au

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    Well it’s finally here! I am super excited to share with you my brand new website.

    A big shout out to Cohen Gum, the Australian illustrator, designer and website developer responsible for this beautiful website . For more information about Cohen you can jump on his website here www.cohengum.com.

    A big thank you also to Hannah Tunstill for her exquisite photography which is featured right across this website. Photographs have also been supplied by the following lovely people – Helen Page, Darren Longbottom & Inner Style.

    Please take your time and have a little surf through the site.

    If you would like to keep up to date shows and releases don’t forget to join my mailing list. By doing this my gift to you will be a free live summer track.

    Enjoy xoxoxo

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  2. Adelaide Fringe Show Friday March 1st

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    Hey hey, it’s Radelaide!

    If you happen to be in South Australia for the Fringe then don’t miss this one. It’s going to be HUGE! With some great new songs to share and a few surprises, let’s celebrate under the shade of The Guava Tree.

    My band The Tuesday Bandits and some special Guava Guests will also be chilling in the shade too on this very special night.

    Don’t miss out head to the link below to get a ticket.



  3. Endless Summer blog coming soon

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    Ever dreamed of chasing the sun and being on holiday forever?

    Over the next 12 – 18 months I have a unique opportunity to travel with my music. With “The Guava Tree EP” being re-released globally in November of 2012 and with a new release due to hit the market soon it’s exciting times ahead.

    I am extremely keen to start documenting my unique experiences through 2013, developing a blog based concept called the Endless Summer .

    The ‘Endless Summer’ is a life style touring blog. It aims to connect and inspire the public and the global creative community promoting musicians, photographers fashion, artists, illustrators, designers, film makers and creative like minded souls. It will be a documented journey as an independent musician featuring my music, people, fans and the connections and experiences made along the way.

    A key focus will revolve around chasing the seasons and the moods they inspire. I really want to focus on inspirational people or teams pursuing their dreams and creative meaningful things. I feel that we need to stick together and really share and support each other. Getting something creative off the ground is a challenge and I believe there are such amazing creative souls out there that needs to be shared and discovered.

    If you have something bubbling away in the magical cauldron and want to share it with me and the world then let’s hear it. I would love to hear from you.

    Send your info to. hello@laurahill.com.au

  4. Blue Skies – NEW ALBUM!

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    Over 12 months ago I stepped into the studio and independently recorded 17 songs.

    From this session, I released The Guava Tree Ep (Nov 2012).

    I am now excited to announce that 12 new tracks will be released March 15th 2013 titled “Blue Skies”.  I wasn’t exactly sure if these songs would ever make it to the world’s ears but I think it’s only fair to share them with you.

    If you would like to grab a copy of the new album please sign up to the mailing list found on the home page. This will ensure that you received all the latest updates and are also helping an Australian girls dream come true of touring to the UK, USA, Canada and Hawaii.

    So stay tuned folks, as a whole lot of sunshine and Blue Skies are coming your way real soon.