West OZ Adventure

Hi Everyone.

Apologies, it’s been a while since my last post and I hope this finds you safe, happy and inspired. With the many kilometres ticking over in the VW, new friends, fans and memories to keep me smiling for years I’m so grateful to be able to travel Australia and connect with the beautiful people of this country. With thousands of CDS now sold (currently back in stock) I cannot express how much your support motivates me to keep sharing my music. Being an independent Artists (No Manager, Agent, Label or financial assistance) definitely has it’s challenges but it’s people like you who make it possible to actually do this and I really want to say thank you for being apart of this mammoth adventure.

A big hello from Western Australia. A state that takes up half the country and the term “down the road,” actually means 1200km away! I’ve definitely adopted a laid back, bonofied approach to the whole touring musician thing lately and truth be told it’s has been more successful than ever before. I have included some awesome new photos from the road at my Instagram which you can check out.  It’s actually my very first time in Perth / WA with my music so you may also see me smiling with my guitar through the Perth CBD, and in and around Fremantle as I hit the streets busking over the next week. I’m also playing in the beautiful wine and costal region of Margret River | Yallingup.

You can see the details HERE

From here, I will be slowly making my way back to South Australia for November and December.

Stay tuned for some exciting national announcements.

In the meantime

Laura’s random touring tips:

  1. Surfboard fins can cut vegetables.
  2. CD sales are alive and kicking in Australia!
  3. Seagulls can drink fresh and saltwater.
  4. Being famous on social media is like being rich in Monopoly.
  5. Guitar capos make awesome clothes pegs.
  6. Coconut water is the bomb.
  7. Akubra hats can make most males look more attractive.
  8. A bread tag will fix most thong / flip flop blow outs.
  9. Adventure will makes your heart sing and your hair very knotty.
  10. I have visited the most amazing Australian land and oceanscapes and I am overwhelmed with the amount of litter, cigarettes cans and alcohol bottles that people leave behind. Sadly we have literally filled up bags from world heritage areas. If your going to enjoy Australia then please respect her.


For more live appearances please click HERE

The Beautiful Coral Bay – Photo by Darren Longbottom




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